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On Nov 9, 2015, the announcement of Google open-sourcing TensorFlow, a library for neural networks and other kinds of machine intelligence, was added to this list

The top 100 HN submissions have at least strictly more than 1248 upvotes (at the time of writing this), an apt number for a tech forum. The stories cover a number of crucial events in the recent past. The most common recurring themes include:

  • the death of influential people in technology (8 - Steve Jobs, Aaron Swartz, Dennis Ritchie, John McCarthy, Leonard Nimoy, Mihai Sucan, and John Nash)
  • Edward Snowden, the NSA, and privacy (12)
  • personal anecodtes about corporate or governmental bullying/speaking out for a social cause (31)
  • cool ideas, companies and projects made by people (28)
  • open sourcing of previously closed-sourced software (5 - .NET, Visual Studio, C# Compiler, Swift, TensorFlow)
  1. Steve Jobs has passed away. (
    4339 points | 05 Oct, 2011 | Death
    The devastating news of one of the passing of one of modern technology's biggest icons.

  2. Show HN: This up votes itself (
    3536 points | 23 Mar, 2012 | Other
    A quirky little HN hack that upvotes itself with a link to a GET request.

  3. Tim Cook Speaks Up (
    3086 points | 30 Oct, 2014 | Social
    In a first amongst elite corporate America, Apple's post-Jobs CEO openly declares his homosexuality.

  4. 2048 (
    2903 points | 10 Mar, 2014 | Tech
    The indie-game with powers of two that addicted everybody.

  5. Don't Fly During Ramadan (
    2744 points | 22 Aug, 2013 | Social
    The chilling tale of an American-Indian's discrimination at US airport security.

  6. Hyperloop (
    2666 points | 12 Aug, 2013 | News
    Elon Musk announcing his bold vision of building a superfast link between SF and LA.

  7. Watch a VC use my name to sell a con (
    2376 points | 12 Nov, 2014 | Social
    Jamie Zawinski, one of the founders of Netscape and Mozilla's founders, accuses Michael Arrington, TechCrunch founder and co-editor, of misquoting him in order to make the case for startup employees working inhumanely, claiming VCs only wanted to further this mindset for their own profit.

  8. Microsoft takes .NET open source and cross-platform (
    2376 points | 29 Nov, 2011 | Tech
    One of the most traditionally closed and old-school tech companies open sourcing their reputed software framework, .NET.

  9. G is for Google (
    2228 points | 10 Aug, 2015 | News
    Google, the second biggest company of the world, announces a change in their name and a massive restructuring.

  10. Aaron Swartz commits suicide (
    2103 points | 12 Jan, 2013 | Death
    The internet's own boy commits suicide under the burgeoning pressure of corporate litigation on account of his effort to make the world's knowledge free and available.

  11. Email Encryption Software Relies on One Guy, Who Is Going Broke (
    2088 points | 05 Feb, 2015 | Social
    Werner Koch, writer of the the email encryption software Gnu privacy guard and disciple of Richard Stallman, whose code is ubiquitously run by anyone who sends email, is unfortunately short on money.

  12. Today is The Day We Fight Back (
    2061 points | 11 Feb, 2014 | Social
    A plea to the US public to speak up against admentments to the USA Freedom Act and the passing of the FISA Improvements Act, which will make it easier for the US government to spy on their citizens.

  13. Request for Startups: Kill Hollywood. (
    2060 points | 20 Jan, 2012 | Tech
    Y Combinator's "Request for Startups" which outlines 23 broad areas which they believe require the most innovation in todays times.

  14. Launching in 2015: A Certificate Authority to Encrypt the Entire Web (
    2019 points | 18 Nov, 2014 | Tech/Social
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation announches their "Let's Encrypt" iniative to build a Certificate Authority (CA) that will help secure the entire internet by moving it to HTTPS.

  15. All Our Patent Are Belong To You (
    1999 points | 12 Jun, 2014 | News
    Tesla, the groundbreaking electric car company, open sources their patents to further the cause of electric car use worldwide.

  16. Drop Dropbox (
    1990 points | 10 Apr, 2014 | Social
    An open letter claiming Dropbox shouldn't be used anymore if they agreed to let Condoleezza Rice, US President Bush's Secretary of State, sit on their Board of Directors, for fear of government surveillance.

  17. Google Reader shutting down (
    1964 points | 13 Mar, 2013 | News
    As Google begins to clean out a host of small initiatives and projects they've released, they announce the death of their much loved RSS reader.

  18. Rob Pike: Dennis Ritchie has died (
    1958 points | 13 Oct, 2011 | Death
    The death of Dennis Ritchie, Computer Science legend, Turing award winner, creater of the C language and co-creator of Unix with Ken Thompson, is announced by Rob Pike, former colleague and creator of the Go and Sawzall languages at Google.

  19. 14-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School (
    1952 points | 16 Sep, 2015 | News/Social
    Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year old from Irving, Texas, is arrested for bringing a clock to school, simply on account of his skin color and religion, which sparked an outrage amongst the tech community.

  20. Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right, Supreme Court Rules (
    1905 points | 26 Jun, 2015 | News/Social
    The historic ruling of the legality of same-sex marriage in the US, a huge stepping stone in the progressiveness of modern society.

  21. A Most Peculiar Test Drive (
    1859 points | 14 Feb, 2013 | Social
    Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, himself writes a blog post calling out John Broder of The New York Times for falsifying information about a test drive for the Tesla Model S, claiming and proving his pre-existing bias against electric vehicles.

  22. Lavabit abruptly shuts down (
    1831 points | 08 Aug, 2013 | Social
    Ladar Levison, CEO of Lavabit, an email service provider, tells the story of how federal US agents brought his company down under a tirade of legal proceedings when he refused to reveal details regarding the passwords and encryption keys used by his 410k customers.

  23. Boot a linux kernel right inside your browser. (
    1820 points | 17 May, 2011 | Tech
    Fabrice Bellard, creator of ffmpeg, demonstrates the booting of a Linux Kernel in a browser (in javascript).

  24. YC Research (
    1775 points | 07 Oct, 2015 | News/Social
    VC firm Y Combinator announces YC Research, a non-profit initative to fund researchers to promote innovation for long time horizons, where startups don't make sense.

  25. The Heartbleed Bug (
    1768 points | 07 Apr, 2014 | Tech
    The revelation of a bug in OpenSSL, the most ubiquitious encryption software implementing SSL/TLS, that allows a malicious attacker to gain access to the server's memory.

  26. Heroku's Ugly Secret: The story of how the cloud-king turned its back on Rails (
    1763 points | 13 Feb, 2013 | Tech/Social
    James Somers, engineer at RapGenius (now Genius), calls Heroku out for backing out on their support for Rails application which is seriously affecting Genius' systems.

  27. Paul Graham: SOPA Supporting Companies No Longer Allowed At YC Demo Day (
    1742 points | 22 Dec, 2011 | Social
    Paul Graham, YC venture capitalist, in opposition of the SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act), says YC will not be allowing any SOPA-supporting companies at Demo Day.

  28. A Sister's Eulogy for Steve Jobs (
    1736 points | 30 Oct, 2011 | Social
    Steve Jobs' biological sister, Syrian-German Mona Simpson, who hadn't met Steve until she was 25, writes a eulogy for him.

  29. Breaking down Amazon's mega dropdown (
    1734 points | 06 Mar, 2013 | Tech
    Ben Kamens, lead developer at Khan Academy, talks about how they copied Amazon's amazingly elegant design for their multi-layered mega dropdown.

  30. Hacker News API (
    1715 points | 07 Oct, 2014 | Tech
    The announcement of the Firebase hosted Hacker News API.

  31. XKeyscore: NSA program collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet' (
    1688 points | 31 Jul, 2013 | Social
    Whistleblower Edward Snowden had revealed files outlining the NSA's widest reaching program for collecting online data, Xkeyscore.

  32. Facebook Fraud [video] (
    1678 points | 10 Feb, 2014 | Social
    Derek Muller, creator of the popular education and science YouTube channel, Veritasium, criticizes Facebook for taking money from ads which garner "fake likes" from developing countries who never engage with your page.

  33. Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple (
    1667 points | 24 Aug, 2011 | News
    In 1997, as Steve Jobs returns to Apple where he was fired from 12 year previously, responds to a harsh insult from an audience member at a press conference.

  34. $1B of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog (
    1637 points | 06 Mar, 2012 | Tech/Social
    Jonathan Corbett reveals that the TSA (Transport and Security Administration) used $1B of tax dollars for Nude Body Scanners who are very easily bypassed, claiming they are unnecessary, no explosives have been carried on planes in 40 years, and that the TSA simply wants to use tax dollars to further USA's surveillance agenda.

  35. John McCarthy Has Died (
    1619 points | 24 Oct, 2011 | Death
    John McCarthy, creator of the Lisp language, Turing Award winner, and an influential figure in the field of Artificial Intelligence, passes away.

  36. Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code, a Free Cross-Platform Code Editor (
    1608 points | 29 Apr, 2015 | Tech
    Again, one of the most traditionally closed and old-school tech companies open sources Microsoft IDE Visual Studio for all platforms.

  37. NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide (
    1604 points | 30 Oct, 2013 | Social
    Aside from the legal PRISM program which gives NSA front door access to Google and Yahoo data through court-approval, Edward Snowden reveals MUSCULAR, a backdoor program which collected over 181 million private records from Google and Yahoo.

  38. Light Table - a new IDE concept (
    1592 points | 13 Apr, 2012 | Tech
    Chris Granger, ex-PM on Visual Studio at Microsoft, writes about Light Table, a design philosophy for IDEs which amongst other things, come up with better abstractions for code than files.

  39. Wozniak: 'Actually, the movie was largely a lie about me' (
    1591 points | 19 Jan, 2014 | Social
    Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, lists out the inaccuracies of the plot of the film Jobs (2013) on G+.

  40. Leonard Nimoy, Spock of 'Star Trek' Dies at 83 (
    1584 points | 27 Feb, 2015 | Death
    The announcement of the death of Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock on "Star Trek", the popular sci-fi TV series which debuted in 1966.

  41. Visualizing Algorithms (
    1557 points | 26 Jun, 2014 | Tech
    Mike Bostock, data visualization guru and creator of D3, the most popular data visualization library for web, and New York Times graphics editor, writes about visualizing algorithms on Sampling, Shuffling, Sorting, and Maze Generation.

  42. Two days ago the police came to me and wanted me to stop working on this' (
    1543 points | 22 Aug, 2015 | Social
    A now deleted comment on a github issues thread for ShadowSocks, a fast tunnel proxy that bypasses firewalls, by a contributor, saying the police (presumably in China) asked him to stop working on the project.

  43. I'm learning to code by building 180 websites in 180 days. Today is day 115 (
    1542 points | 24 Jul, 2013 | Tech
    Jennifer Dewalt writes about her initiative to learn how to code by building 180 websites in 180 days.

  44. TensorFlow: open-source library for machine intelligence (
    1528 points | 09 Nov, 2015 | Tech
    Google open-sources TensorFlow, a library for neural networks and other kinds of machine intelligence, usable for both research and industry applications.

  45. Google engineer writing Amazon reviews on USB-C cables that don't work (
    1520 points | 04 Nov, 2015 | Tech
    Benson Leung, a Google engineer, goes on Amazon and writes reviews on USB-C cables in remarkable technical detail, pointing out exactly which cables follow the USB-C specification and to what extent.

  46. FCC Passes Strict Net Neutrality Regulations on 3-2 Vote (
    1489 points | 26 Feb, 2015 | News/Social
    News that the Federal Communications Commision passed strict Net Neutrality regulations in America.

  47. Thanks, HN: You helped discover a disease and save lives (
    1483 points | 17 Jul, 2014 | Other
    The inspiring story of how Matt Might, a Computer Science professor, popular for his "Illustrated Guide to the PhD" ( posted about his son's condition on Hacker News which lead to the discovery of a new disease caused by NGLY1 mutations and 9 other patients around the world.

  48. Amazon Web Services in Plain English (
    1479 points | 11 Sep, 2015 | Tech
    Amazon Web Services is notorious for having indecipherable names for their products - now translated into understandable English.

  49. Atom (
    1475 points | 26 Feb, 2014 | Tech
    The release of an open source web-based text editor by Github called Atom.

  50. First-Person Hyper-lapse Videos (
    1470 points | 10 Aug, 2014 | Tech
    Research from Microsoft Research that demonstrates how first-person GoPro videos can be transformed into smooth time-lapse "hyperlapse" videos.

  51. Don't mess with Newegg (
    1469 points | 23 May, 2014 | Social
    Newegg is against patent trolls, and puts their money where their mouth is, by having their legal team fight off and win cases against patent tolls rather than paying them off to encourage their extortion.

  52. Detaining my partner: a failed attempt at intimidation (
    1459 points | 18 Aug, 2013 | Social
    Glenn Greenwald writes about how his partner, David Miranda was detained at London's Heathrow Airport, in abuse of the law in the UK that allows detainment of terrorists, to intimidate them for reporting about the NSA.

  53. Facebook acquires Oculus VR (
    1449 points | 25 Mar, 2014 | News
    Oculus, the virtual reality company, was acquired by Facebook for $2B.

  54. A spreadsheet in fewer than 30 lines of JavaScript, no library used (
    1447 points | 13 Nov, 2013 | Tech
    A spreadsheet written in 30 lines of vanilla JS.

  55. Console.mihai(); (
    1445 points | 27 Apr, 2015 | Death
    Mihai Sucan, a young Romanian contributor who fixed tons of issues with Firefox's console, died at 28 of Epidermolysis Bullosa.

  56. Outlawed by Amazon DRM (
    1445 points | 22 Oct, 2012 | Social
    Linn, a Norweigian Amazon user, had her Kindle wiped by Amazon because they suspected her of violating privacy laws and being associated with a previously blocked account. Upon contesting this, they offered no assistance and never returned her purchases.

  57. SteamOS (
    1436 points | 23 Sep, 2013 | Tech
    Valve, the gaming company respoinsible for Half-Life, Team Fortress, Portal and more, announces SteamOS, a Linux based OS for their Steam machines - a landmark move that hinted at the shift from gaming away from closed platforms like Windows.

  58. NASA: We're sending humans to Mars (
    1424 points | 02 Dec, 2014 | News
    NASA makes a landmark announcement that they will be sending humans to Mars on Twitter.

  59. Amazon Prime Air (
    1412 points | 02 Dec, 2013 | News
    Amazon announces their plan to deliver packages to their customers in drones.

  60. Lily - Drone camera (
    1397 points | 12 May, 2015 | Tech
    Lily announces a waterproof drone camera that, when tossed in the air, will autonomously follow you and record your activities.

  61. Bomberman massively multiplayer in HTML5 (
    1394 points | 27 Feb, 2013 | Tech
    Bomberman, the classic 1983 video game, is released as a massively multiplayer game on the web.

  62. What should I do about YouTube? (
    1391 points | 23 Jan, 2015 | Social
    Zoe Keating, a cellist, writes about how YouTube bullies artists into accepting their arguably unreasonable terms of service and threatening to block all their content if they refuse.

  63. Forced Exposure (
    1391 points | 20 Aug, 2013 | Social
    Groklaw, a site which covers legal news of interest to the open source community, is shut down by owner Pamela Jones on hearing about the state of email privacy from Lavabit CEO Ladar Levison.

  64. I was once a Facebook fool (
    1390 points | 23 Sep, 2011 | Social
    Numair Faraz's, Motorala exec and entrepreneur, Facebook app, Audio, was removed from Facebook for "copyright violation". Faraz claims what actually happened was his friend Dave Morin, ex Facebook exec and Path CEO, told him that Facebook was actually trying to cut a deal with another music application. On brining it up to Zuckerberg and Parker, Dave Morin was demoted and replaced by Chamath Palihapitiya, former AOL'er who had cut a backroom deal with Parker to export AOL's social graph into Facebook.

  65. Hello Chrome, it's Firefox calling (
    1388 points | 04 Feb, 2013 | Tech
    Firefox announces that WebRTC (Real Time Communication), an API for browser-to-browser voice chat and video communication, is now supported by Firefox, as well as Firefox-Chrome interoperability.

  66. Coin (
    1387 points | 14 Nov, 2013 | News
    Kanishk Parashar's YC-backed company Coin is announced, and strives to combine all the cards in your wallet into one.

  67. Hello Firefox, this is Chrome calling (
    1386 points | 04 Feb, 2013 | Tech
    Chrome announces that WebRTC (Real Time Communication), an API for browser-to-browser voice chat and video communication, is now supported by Chrome as well as Firefox-Chrome interoperability.

  68. Show HN: Meteor, a realtime JavaScript framework (
    1386 points | 10 Apr, 2012 | Tech
    YC-backed company Meteor announces their realtime JavaScript prototyping framework in Node.js

  69. What Is Code? (
    1384 points | 11 Jun, 2015 | Other
    A comprehensive bible covering all aspects of programming meant for everyone from experienced engineers to people with no background in Computer Science, written by Paul Ford, founding partner of NYC-based company Postlight.

  70. Microsoft Open Sources C# Compiler (
    1374 points | 03 Apr, 2014 | Tech
    Yet again, one of the most traditionally closed and old-school tech companies open sources Roslyn, their C# and .NET compiler.

  71. Explain Shell (
    1372 points | 02 Dec, 2013 | Tech
    A website which lets you search for a complex Unix shell command, and will search through man(ual) files to explain what exactly seemingly complicated and unreadable shell commands do.

  72. "Lighten up" (
    1371 points | 21 Mar, 2012 | Social
    Katie writes about the many migroagressions against women in a tech workplace which may seem like a seldom event to most individual men but add up to an unbearable environment for women.

  73. Announcing Rust 1.0 (
    1363 points | 15 May, 2015 | Tech
    Rust, a language which strives to attain low level C-like performance with Python-like high level syntax and typing schemes.

  74. This is a web page (
    1354 points | 20 Jun, 2013 | Social
    Justin Jackson, a Canadian programmer, writes a post in plain HTML reminding us that it's not design, layouts and fancy templates, but words that still form the basis of the web and web design.

  75. Company withdrawing from Facebook as analytics show 80% of ad clicks from bots (
    1347 points | 30 Jul, 2012 | Social
    Tom Mango, CEO of Limited Run, writes about how he withdrew from Facebook ads upon finding out that 80% of traffic from advertising on Facebook are bots.

  76. Started a stupid company. Failed. (null)
    1344 points | 27 Nov, 2013 | Other
    The founder of a failed startup in 3 short lines, grieves about his situation, and gets a lot of positive encouragement from the HN community.

  77. "Swift will be open source later this year" (
    1334 points | 08 Jun, 2015 | Tech
    This time, Apple, one of the most traditionally closed and old-school tech companies open sources Swift, the Objective-C replacement which is used to build all iOS and Mac apps.

  78. Gitmo Is Killing Me (
    1333 points | 15 Apr, 2013 | Social
    Samir Moqbel, a Yemeni prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, tells his story through his lawyer about how he went on hunger strike, was force-fed through his nose with inappropriate medical practices, and isn't being allowed to leave simply because Yemen and USA aren't on good terms.

  79. What It's Like To Be Ridiculed For Open Sourcing A Project (
    1331 points | 24 Jan, 2013 | Social
    Heather Arthur, a software engineer, talks about how she was ridiculed on Twitter for an old unmaintained project that she decided to open-source. Many of the tweeters apologized for their discouraging actions.

  80. Magic (
    1329 points | 22 Feb, 2015 | Tech
    Magic, a YC-backed startup, introduces a 24/7 SMS hotline which will help you with anything you ask it to.

  81. Sprite Lamp (
    1323 points | 08 Nov, 2013 | Tech
    Snake Hill Games shows off Sprite Lamp, a cool app which automatically creates lighting effects on 2D images from all light angles.

  82. Hit men, click whores, and paid apologists: Welcome to the Silicon Cesspool (
    1319 points | 13 Feb, 2012 | Social
    Dan Lyons, senior editor of Forbes and writer of an episode of the Silicon Valley, writes an inflammatory article criticizing Michael Arrington, TechCrunch CEO, and MG Siegler, general partner at Google Ventures, regarding an incident regarding Nick Bilton, a New York Times writer, calling out Path for using unethical address book uploading to grow their userbase. He concludes that tech journalism should be taken with a grain of salt.

  83. "Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book" (
    1310 points | 07 Jul, 2013 | Social
    Radley Balko, of the Huffington Post, starts with a story about how a detective befriended a casual sports better in Virginia, lead him to bet over the legal limit, and then had a SWAT team shoot him dead. He further elaborates on the rise of paramilitary force in the US.

  84. Show HN: Show HN (
    1302 points | 03 Jul, 2014 | Other
    HN launches "Show HN", a way to share cool projects with the HN community.

  85. Introducing Word Lens (
    1297 points | 17 Dec, 2010 | News/Tech
    Word Lens, now acquired by Google, translates text from a mobile's camera input when pointed into a language of your choice in realtime.

  86. What I Didn't Say (
    1289 points | 30 Dec, 2013 | Social
    Paul Graham, YC venture capitalist, writes a post clarifying his stance on women in Computer Science.

  87. Was isolated from 1999 to 2006 with a 486. Built my own late 80s OS' (
    1284 points | 14 Dec, 2014 | Inspirational
    Australian Kid isolated in the Outback from 1999 to 2006 with a 486 and no internet, builds his own late 80s Operating System with books from the library. More of his story in the link.

  88. John Nash Has Died (
    1282 points | 24 May, 2015 | Death
    John Nash, Economics Nobel Laureate, and influential contributor to Game Theory, on whom A Beautiful Mind (2001) was based, dies in a car crash at 86.

  89. Do Things that Don't Scale (
    1275 points | 14 Jul, 2013 | Other
    An essay by Paul Graham, YC venture capitalist, on certain unscalable things that need to be done to make a startup work.

  90. FCC Chairman: This Is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality (
    1275 points | 04 Feb, 2015 | Social
    Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman, openly states how the FCC plans to enforce strong net neutrality regulation that will ban prioritization and the blocking and throttling of lawful services and more.

  91. Today you, tomorrow me (
    1270 points | 14 Dec, 2010 |
    A tear-jerking tale of a man who, after 4 hours of waiting for help after his car broke down, was assisted by a Mexican family who wouldn't even take his $20 bill as a token of appreciation.

  92. NSA leaker is a patriot, not a traitor (
    1268 points | 10 Jun, 2013 | Social
    After Edward Snowden leaked NSA docs, people on social media rush to either call him a "traitor" or a "patriot".

  93. Elon Musk: To the People of New Jersey (
    1265 points | 14 Mar, 2014 | Social
    Elon Musk calls out auto makers who used underhand methods to get New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to prevent Tesla from selling at manufacture stores in the state. Musk reasons why selling Tesla at traditional dealerships would never work and claims that the existing gasoline car giants are simply trying to keep Tesla out.

  94. Letter to Amazon Board from Fired Ad Exec (
    1257 points | 13 Nov, 2014 | Social
    Kivin Varghese, an Amazon employee, writes about how he got fired because he stood up to his manager Munira Rahemtulla and VP Paul Kotas to protest their unethical behavior involving faslifying bugs about an ad run by their client, Discover Card. It seems Munira has a prior background of unethical behavior and also falsified both her BS and MS from Stanford to all her employees.

  95. Google: 90% of our engineers use the software you wrote (Homebrew), but... (
    1257 points | 10 Jun, 2015 | Social
    Max Howell, creator of Homebrew, Mac's most popular package manager, tweets about the ludicrousness of the tech company interview process upon being rejected by Google because he couldn't "invert a binary tree".

  96. Light Table is now open source (
    1256 points | 08 Jan, 2014 | Tech
    Chris Granger, ex-PM on Visual Studio at Microsoft, open sources Light Table, an IDEs which amongst other things, come up with better abstractions for code than files.

  97. Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind revelations of NSA surveillance (
    1254 points | 09 Jun, 2013 | Social
    The first public unveilling of Edward Snowden, the whistleblower responsible for the biggest intelligence leak by the National Security Agency of all time.

  98. Free Lossless Image Format (
    1253 points | 02 Oct, 2015 | Tech
    FLIF is a novel lossless image format that's 15% smaller than Google's WebP and 35% smaller than PNGs.

  99. I'm Leaving Mojang (
    1252 points | 15 Sep, 2014 | News
    Markus "Notch" Persson, creator of Minecraft, announces that he's leaving Mojang, the founding company, following its acquisition by Microsoft and shares his perspective on what developing Minecraft meant to him.

  100. How I Ended Up In Solitary After Calling 911 For Help (
    1249 points | 13 Feb, 2014 | Social
    Peretz Partensky, an engineer in San Francisco, gets detained and put in solitary confinement for calling 911 on spotting a bike accident in San Francisco because "a lot of young cops want to make a name for themselves".

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