The University of Delhi, or DU, is one of India's largest and most sought after colleges. However, with an admissions procedure wrought in complicated calculations, innumerable quotas, and sieving through multiple cut-off lists in pdfs hosted on websites stuck in the 90s, it's not an easy one. In this article, I make an easy to use form where you can input your CBSE or ISC or any other board marks, and it will give you an exhaustive list of which colleges in DU you're eligible for admission in. These are not predictions - they are based on actual published cutoffs by Delhi University.

  • error2017 Delhi University Cut-off Dates

    June 20, 2017 1st Cutoff
    June 22, 2017 2nd Cutoff
    July 1, 2017 3rd Cutoff
    July 7, 2017 4th Cutoff
    July 13, 2017 5th Cutoff
    July 18, 2017 6th Cutoff
    Last week July, 2017 7th Cutoff (1st Merit List)
    First week Aug, 2017 8th Cutoff (2nd Merit List)
    First week Aug, 2017 9th Cutoff (3rd Merit List)
    Second week Aug, 2017 10th Cutoff (4th Merit List)
    Second week Aug, 2017 11th Cutoff (5th Merit List)
    According to Careers360.

  • gradeGoals

    Predictive Looking at how your marks perform on old cut-offs should be somewhat indicative of what happens in the future.

    Abstract away Complexity The specifics of the best of four calculation per department can be a little hairy. This lets you not have to deal with it.

    Open Data The data for these old cut-offs were stuck in a very slow site, and in unstructured pdfs. It would take you 5-10 minutes at least to find the final cut off for one college and one department. Now, this data is right there in the open to play with.

    Recreational Find out how your board marks would've stacked up vs. Delhi University in previous years.

    Secure None of your data inputted on this form is sent to a server. All the computations happen right in your browser! Your data is safe in your hands.

    Fast Since there is no server load from the computation, once the page loads, you're all ready to go.

    Simple No frills, no ads, no clunky design.

    Mobile We want users to be able to use this on their phones.

  • languageData Coverage

    It is a work in progress. Currently, we have data from 2015 (Arts and Commerce) and 2016 (Arts and Commerce and Science). We hope to expand this to include 2013, 2014 and 2017 when it releases.
    We have complete coverage for all 23 Art and Commerce subjects and 29 Science subjects for 56 Delhi University colleges, for 2016.
    We currently expose only the 8 most popular of these 23 subjects in Arts and Commerce and 5 of the 29 science subjects, and will be adding UI to expose all of them.
    All our results are only for General quota applicants.

  • assignmentComputation Assumptions

    1. We assume your science subjects are in a 70-30 theory-practical split, and do not perform any additional scaling (that DU would).

    2. As of now, we do not penalize you for a stream change. These penalties can range from 0 - 5% and can vary from year to year and college to college. See here for details.

    3. For BCom admissions, DU allows you to count Accounts as Commerce if your board doesn't provide Commerce as a subject. We do not specifically take this into account in these calculations. If you are in this scenario and want this computation to occur correctly, just input your Accounts marks in Commerce. Similarly, you can input your Business Math marks in place of Math if you've taken the former.

    4. There is a 1% boost for girls at certain DU colleges. We do not apply this boost.

  • workFuture Work

    Add an addendum on best of four calculation.

    Add an addendum on SRCC's 100+ cutoff fiasco.

    Expand the data to 2013, 2014 and 2015 (Science). Add data for St. Stephens.

    Improve the UI of the results to make it easier to understand and interpret best of 4 calculation.

    For each college, add the data for which cut off list was the final, with a link to the pdf.

    Handle CBSE marks better.

    Open the data for other people to play around with.

    Perhaps add a "detailed" mode, where you can choose your college, and see the cutoffs by year, and for each year see which cut off list was final, and the progression between cutoff lists.

Which Delhi University colleges would you get into?

Pick a year, and fill out your class 12 CBSE or ISC or any other board marks. Note that some subjects come with pre-filled values that you might want to erase. You can submit the pre-filled values as-is to see a demo.

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