Farms in state

Acre Range





Land Usage

Agricultural land (also agricultural area) denotes the land suitable for agricultural production, both crops and livestock. It is one of the main resources in agriculture. The standard classification (used, e.g., by FAO — Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) divides agricultural land into the following components with their respective global land area in 2009

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Map of U.S. Government Payments Per Farm Operation in 2007


Map of Percent of U.S. Farm Operators working off-farm in 2007


Livestock Farming

Livestock are domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food, fiber and labor. This article does not discuss poultry or farmed fish, although these, especially poultry, are commonly included within the meaning of "livestock".

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Map of Percent of U.S. Land in Farms in 2007


Map of Percent of U.S. Farms with less than $10,000 in Sales in 2007


Animal Health

The enclosure of livestock in pastures and barns is a relatively new development in the history of agriculture. When cattle are enclosed, the type of ‘enclosure’ may vary from a small crate, a large fenced pasture or a paddock. The type of feed may vary from natural growing grass, to highly sophisticated processed feed. Animals are usually intentionally bred through artificial insemination or through supervised mating.

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Map Showing the Average Value of Agricultural Products Sold in the U.S. in 2007


Map Showing Number of Farms in U.S. in 2007